documentation TRACES AND RESONANCES - 4

Monday April 16th, 2012
20:00 door open
20:30 start

Meent 119 - 133, Rotterdam
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sound / cello             Nina Hitz
movement / dance    Sato Endo
guitar / effect           Lukas Simonis (guest)

A suprising set of improvisation performances or a Monday evening ritual by Nina Hitz and Sato Endo. Suprising because it’s uncertain who else will join the performance and what the outcome will be... Come, watch, listen, and have a beer.

The original concept concerns the space that the players share with the audience, and the dialogue that takes place in such an environment. Instead of communicating directly with each other they do so through the walls, the air... various elements in the space. Everything that there is is a part of it; which we call traces and resonances.

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