MERGE performance: showing work-in-progress

date   24 August, 20:00 start
location   Kunst en Complex guest studio 1 (Keileweg 26, 3029 BT Rotterdam)

[about the showing]
O mighty armed one, seeing Your magnificent form of manifold faces and  eyes, manifold arms, legs and feet, manifold stomachs and manifold terrifying teeth; all the planets tremble in fear and so do I.   - Mahabarata

Is the body a part of its surrounding, or is the surrounding a part of the body?
During a residency at Kunst en Complex, Sato Endo and Nicola Unger did research on how a visual story can be told through weaving video projection of still images with projection of human and object shapes. A live performer interacts with the projection. The still images are body images, maps and archive images of the river Schie near Delfshaven.
The outcome of this research will be further developed for a final project happening in summer 2014: MERGE is a site-specific project in which video projection, a house on the Schie, its surrounding and a performer on a boat will be integrated into a performance on water.
a short video from an earlier research:

idea  Sato Endo
in collaboration with: video Nicola Unger
made with:
camera Bas Noordermeer
dance Kenzo Kusuda

project initiators   Patrick Boel and Christel Schanzenbach 
production   Lique van Gerven 
production support   Stichting Buurcooperatie Mathenesserdijk
with financial support of    Dienst Kunst en Cultuur Rotterdam
thanks to   Judith Schoneveld, Nicole van den Belt, Eva Karczag, Productiehuis Rotterdam, Geert Mul, Noriko Mitsuhashi, Angélique Boel, 
Anders Perander, Marion Altena, Simone van Hulst, companies in De Fabriek van Delfshaven, Cultuurhuis Delfshaven and Kunst en Complex