Curriculum Vitae 

Sato Endo  
Blommersdijkselaan 18 A2
3036NC Rotterdam
phone + 31 (0)10 412 34 09
mobile +31 (0)6 19 348 287         
Place of Birth  Tokyo, Japan


June 2005   Diploma Performance artist
DasArts (De Amsterdamse School / Advanced Research in Theatre and dance Studies)

January - July 2000   Choreographer at the X-group, P.A.R.T.S. (artistic director Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. The X-group produced the works of 5 young choreographers and provided post academic training for 25 young contemporary dance artists selected from over the world.)

March 1996   Diploma Master of Arts in Culture and Representation
University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Division of Culture and

March 1993   Diploma Bachelor of Arts
Waseda University, the First Department of Literature, Division of Philosophy

List of works (selected)

August 2014, on the water of the canal Delfshavense Schie (Rotterdam)
commissioned by  Buurcooperatie Mathenesserdijk
produced by  Buurcooperatie Mathenesserdijk and Lique van Gerven

Rehearsing of a nest
October 2010, Het Wilde Weten (Rotterdam)
= installation in collaboration with Noriko Mitsuhashi

Still Echo
October 2008, Melkweg Theater (Amsterdam)
co-produced by Melkweg Theater, supported by Dansaeliers (Rotterdam)

premier June 2005, NES Theater
graduation project at DasArts Amsterdam with the support of Nadine (Brussels) and Dans in Kortrijk

Invariants under transformation
premier June 2004, festival Dans@tack (Kortrijk)
co-produced by Dans in Kortrijk, supported by the festival STATE X /New Forms, The Hague
= Performed installation in a space that constantly changes demarcation and visual conditions between the audience and the performers,

premier December 2003, festival Colourdance (Amsterdam)

May 2003, site-specific performance project at Las Palmas (Rotterdam). co-produced by Theater Lantaren/Venster and Kruizenga & Wannenmacher (Rotterdam), supported by Dans in Kortrijk

A glance, if I had seen it  
premier April 2002, festival Dans@tack (Kortrijk)
co-produced by Dans in Kortrijk and Theater Lantaren/Venster.
Entry in Toyota choreography award 2002 (Tokyo).

premier April 2001, Springdance (Utrecht),
produced by Springdance, co-produced by Dans in Kortrijk

Face / Fase  
September 2000, Brussels 2000 Center, produced by BXL 2000,
= A body explores the geography of the video projection of its own face on the floor.

A Distance between M and D
premier July 2000, Rosas Performance Space (Brussels)
produced by P.A.R.T.S, co-produced by Brussels 2000

Research projects

Real Space - Imaginary Space #2
July 2001, "The Archive" (Den Haag)

= Site-specific research on relation between the body and the architecture with body movement, video, typewriting performance and text

Real Space - Imaginary Space(60 min.)
September 2000, Brussels 2000 Center, produced by BXL2000
= An exhibition of performances made out of 5 parts created by 5 artists from diverse disciplines - installation, video installation, performance and choreography.


July 2002, Toyota Choreography Award 2002


2006  Pepinieres Europeennes pour jeunes artistes
1999  Huygens Grant


2006    The Red House, Sofia
2001 - 2005   Dans in Kortrijk (currently Buda Art Center), Belgium
2000    Tanzhaus NRW Dusseldorf, coaching choreography project

Collaborations / Engagements (selected)

Hoog Bezoek
premier September 2008, residence center Zuilenstede (Utrecht)
choreographer/ dancer for the project by Sjaak Langenberg and Rosé de Beer

Hotel New York 
premier February 2007, Brinkhall (Turku, Finland)
dramaturg/ choreographer/ performer for the young Finnish dance group PoetiContemPlateCollective (PCPC).
co-produced by the art councils in Turku and Helsinki

Performance for Moucharabieh / confessional
Paper Art Biennale 2007, CODA museum (Apeldoorn, the Netherlands)
choreography and dance for the installation of Dominique de Beir Moucharabieh/confessional

2006, de Pianofabriek (Brussels), Kiasma Theater (Helsinki)
artistic and editing assistant for the video installation directed by Riina Saastamoinen
produced by ViSiT vzw

Treasure IIII Jewelry show
2005, Hotel Claska (Tokyo)
choreography and dance for presentation and promotion of new Jewelry collection by the Japanese designer and singer Shizuka Kudo
produced by Treasure IIIII.

April 2004,  Kiasma Theater (Heksinki)
dancer for the choreography by Riina Saastamoinen
produced by ViSiT vzw, co-produced by Kiasma

Thousand Deaths – sortie 2
performer in the performance and the video piece by Paul Perry, 2001
produced by Groninger Museum

Birth of Movement 
workshop series, studio Kai & studio Birck-One, Tokyo

Body and Sound / Silence
workshop , Tokyo Gakugei University, Master course in Music Education

Visibility of the Body 
workshop , Dance Hexagon, Tokyo

Yoga and body-awareness
regular class