Premier   June 20, 2005, NES Theater Amsterdam

Choreography and dance     Sato Endo
Space dramaturgy   Marion Tränkle and Sato Endo
Technical realization   Marnix Carpentier Alting
Costume   Hiroaki Kanai

With the support of   Dasarts Amsterdam, Dans in Kortrijk, Nadine Brussels

About the work

In Mirage, the visibility of the body is explored in relation to the gaze of the audience.
The layout of the audience, the performer and the lights in the space provide an environment that sets off this play. The audience seating is arranged in two lines in the space, facing each other over the performance field. So the performance takes place literally between the gazes of the spectators, who will encounter each other's gazes behind the performer.

Mirage is a choreography with stillness, or posed postures of the body.
Same poses are repeated over time, offering different angles to the spectators, thereby evoking memory and expectation. And it triggers imaginations on what other spectators are seeing. The poses might evoke associations to known visual images and stereotypes, and at the same time they are highly detailed and incubate landscapes in the infancy of the choreographer.

The performance is an invitation to watch a body openly and in detail. It is a proposition for sustaining a gaze until the act of watching turns into seeing that is a contact at distance, a sort of touch.


Video documentation