documentation TRACES AND RESONANCES - 6

Traces and Resonances is a suprising series of improvisation performances organized by Nina Hitz and Sato Endo in collaboration with Roodkapje, Rotterdam. Suprising because it’s uncertain who else will join the performance and what the outcome will be... Come, watch, listen, and have a beer.

The series concerns the space that the players share with the audience, the dialogue that occurs in such an environment, and the space that occurs through the dialogue. The players communicate with each other through the walls, the air...various elements in the space.

July 2nd, 2012
door open 20:00
start 20:30

Roodkapje, Rotterdam Center
Meent 125 Rotterdam

Nina Hitz                          cello
Lukas Simonis                   guitar & effects
GabriĆ«lle Barros Martins   sound objects /voice /laptop
Noriko Mitsuhashi             kuroko
Sato Endo                         movement

The 6th and the last performance this season of the mixed-discipline live performance or 'the Monday ritual'.
What began as quiet communication between sound and movement has by now grown into an active dialogue of improvised actions.