Sunday Afternoon WORM Classic

Sunday November 6th
14:30 open
15:00 start
duration 1 hour
(There is a baby-sitting service available.)

Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam
route (also in English)
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1 SYNC, Act of God, e-bas en e-viool,electronica, beeld
2 Jan Svankmayer, film, JS Bach - Fantasia in g mall (1965)
3 Endo/Cramer, performance voor dance and light objects
4 JS Bach, sonata in a voor viool solo (1720)

Jan Bas Bollen: e-bass/electronic (SYNC)
Alison Isadora: e-viola/electronic (SYNC)
Sato Endo: dance
Florian Cramer: Super 8
Anneke Haaften: viola

about the performance:
The conceptualist Florian Cramer and the dance artist Sato Endo combines improvised, subtle and authentic movements with the analog light source: Super 8. Cramer's response to Endo's movement will be registered on the film and projected with a delay.

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