Upcoming performance

festival WHY NOT!
December 3rd 2009
at Galerie W139
Warmoesstraat 139 Amsterdam
Doors open: 20:00
The performance starts at: 20:30
Free entrance

'Why not!' is a contemporary dance festival at unexpected locations. An evening with dance from emerging choreographers, Cinedans and a lot of improvisation.... with live music.

About the work:

In 'Mirage', the visibility of the body is explored in relation to the gaze of the audience.
The lay-out of the audience and the performer in space provides an environment that sets off this play. Sequences of still poses invite detailed watching, opening an invisible landscape or a reminiscence within the spectator.

choreography and dance     Sato Endo
space dramaturgy                Marion Tränkle and Sato Endo
costume development        Hiroaki Kanai

View Mirage documentations in video and slideshow