Sato Endo (Tokyo) is a performance artist and dance maker based in the Netherlands. Performs own and collaborative work in Europe and Japan. She has also been teaching Yoga, improvisation and body awareness classes in Tokyo and Rotterdam.

After the 20 years of training as a pianist, she acquired MA degree in the field of modern philosophy. She moved to Europe in 1998 and had her first work Distance between M and D (2000) produced at P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels). In 2005 she graduated from DasArts (Amsterdam), the post academy for advanced research in performance art.

Sato’s work originates from a personal view on the complex nature of our perceptions.
Although she started as a dance artist, the motivation naturally lead her to use interdisciplinary approaches.Reflections on the immediate and ephemeral nature of our bodily experiences is an important instrument in her work. She considers performance to be a place of encounter where the body comes into a dialogue with the spectator by provoking the active use of the senses of the latter. This is why she does not only create the form and content of her work but also designs the way it is presented. It is also the reason she works in the context of public art recently.

Above all visual elements play important roles in her recent work such as MERGE (2014), Still Echo (2008) and Mirage (2005). Visual elements are employed in the scenography, in the use of video as a performative element, or in the design of the presentation space that accommodates the spectator as a part of the work and determines its dramaturgy.